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Can you, or has anyone spot treated with a laser?

Has anyone gone to a derm. and received a spot treatment with a laser? Like on just a couple of pimples/scars/blemishes, etc?

I'm asking because i have this mark, it was originally a pimple that kept coming back over a year, then it stopped coming back, and left this mark that now hasn't changed in a year also. Its red, but not flat. It's kind of translucent, almost like a tiny bubble, but it's got a red color and you can't really pop it.

I know i could just wait it out, afterall it's the last "live" pimple i have from when my acne was bad, but i guess that's why it bothers me, i'd be fairly clear if it wasn't for that mark on my cheekbone. Plus like i said in the last year it has not changed at all, maybe if it was flat and a blemish i'd just wait it out, but it seems lik there's more to it.

So anyone think a derm could just burn off some of it with laser? Any specific laser/treatment?

I have tried AHA 10% and BHA 2% for an extended period, but the AHA does nothing and the BHA just irritates it making it redder. My regimen includes an exfoliation wash also. So it's really weird that after a year it hasn't flattened out or lightend up any. Any reply is appreciated!

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I can only answer one part sorry. Yes, you can do spot treatments. I have only one scar which I will be getting profractional resurfacing done on. Consult your derm to see whether you should or not. Take Care

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