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NatuRal TreaTments !!! BYe BYe Blemishes

[font="Comic Sans MS]I have mild acne 26 male who just started to use a blemish treatment lotion that is great so far :dance: . .... been using it about 1 week and half I usually apply it just before going to bed I wash my face with cetaphil antibaterical soap which is also great then pat dry then apply this blemish treatment lotion which really shouldnt be called a lotion its more like a toner but anyways I just dab it onto the blemish or red mark on my face . Feels so good soothing refreshing , the smell :clap: is very nice to just apply and by the next morning it will really reduce the swelling redness that was there. I bought it from LucKyvitamin.com works great for blemishes , pimples, blackheads has salicylic acid in it plus alot of natural goods such as Witch Hazel, tea tree leaf oil , and lavender which I believe gives it that nice non chemical aroma :wub: . Its called Blemish Treatment lotion From Home health, its really affordable for those who want something natural plus if you have sensitive skin like I do . I give it about 2 days then peel away the skin to reveal glowing skin underneath . Highly recommend this product to anyone and no it does not over dry the skin. :naughty: [/color]

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