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Accutane and birth control issues

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Hi all,

Just have a question about the whole birth control thing while on Accutane...

I currently take the birth control pill Estrostep, and have been on it for maybe 4 years or so and faithfully take it every morning. I have been on Accutane for a little over a month, not too concerned about sex because my boyfriend is overseas right now so I am not having sex. He is coming back in about 2 months... and I am pretty sure I will and he will be wanting to have sex while I will still be on the Accutane. Anyways, I know and understand about having 2 forms of birth control and how important it is to always do this. I have no issues with my pill; I just absolutely HATE condoms, especially since we have been together for over a year and we have never used one since I take the pill. He is willing to do what ever I want- if I don't want to have sex at all until after my Accutane is through, he is fine with that. He says it's up to me- my complaint is that condoms are annoying and impersonal.... My question is would I be safe from getting pregnant while on Accutane with JUST taking the pill? And/or, does Accutane make the pill less effective in any way? I read through my I-Pledge book about 100 times and it doesn't seem to say whether or not Accutane can mess with the efficiency of birth control or not.

Anyways, I have no desire to even THINK about getting pregnant while on Accutane... I have been through 2 pregnancies that both ended in abortion and I don't want to have to ever be put it that position again. I know, I know, the easy thing to do is USE A CONDOM.... but.... ?

It seems like a lot of people posting on this website are a little bit young, I am 27 and would prefer if there was anyone closer to my age to give me some useful advice.

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You could get fitted for a diaphram or cervical cap to be used in conjunction with spermicidal gel. Another option is the sponge. I know those options aren't exactly spontenous, but the risk is too great, the options are accepted by iPledge, and whatever you choose won't be forever. Best wishes to you and I bet you're excited. :)

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I have to agree with Siava, there are other options. With what you have said with your history. I would hate for you to get pregnant. It is only temporary though, think of it that way.

good luck

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I don't know about this... I have been taking birth control for the past 4 months or so to try to calm my PMDD (mostly severe mood swings and migraines that happen during periods of hormonal ups and downs). I have been taking them straight through, no placebo pills, and hadn't gotten a period for 6 weeks. 3 days after I started taking Accutane, I got my period (for 12 days), AND had 3 migraines in a row! Coincidence??? I really don't think so. I would take all precautions necessary!

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