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Low Dose Accutane (10 mg/day)

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Welcome to my blog! I will be updating this frequently as I tell you all about my Accutane journey- 10 mg/day

Here is a little background on myself: 23 yr old F, have had acne since I was 12ish, been on every antibiotic (keflex, doxycyclin, tetracyclin, minocyclin, bactrim), topical (benzaclin, differin, duac, azelex, retin-a), and Accutane.

About 2.5 years ago I took Accutane at 60 mg-80 mg a day for moderately severe acne that was very persistant. For the first 8 months after finishing my 5 month course, I was perfectly clear- beautiful skin.

Slowly the acne started to creep back, til I once again was forced to try all the antibiotics and topicals. Though my acne is much milder this time, I occassionally get cystic pimples and always have some kind of a breakout. Trying 10 mg daily because I don't want severe side effects or an initial breakout.

Basically the plan is to take 10 mg daily until my skin clears up, then taper back to a maintenance dose for a while.

MOVING ON- it has been one month since I started Accutane! HOORAY!

Also, I'm taking Keflex for the first month to prevent getting an initial breakout, and using azelex once a day or every other day to help the IB

Low dose accutane is not used that much by doctors, so if anyone is thinking about doing this than I hope my blog can give them first hand information and help them out!

Please let me know if you have tried low dose accutane yourself and how it has worked out!!! I am looking for advice and am wondering how long it will take before I am clear??

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