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Currently on Isotretinoin - Chances of Relapse?


I am new to these forums so any advice you can provide would be great.

I am 24 and still living with the acne.

I started to get acne when I was about 17.

I was on Roaccutane when I was 19, at 40mg on a four month course. The acne cleared and my Dermatologist told me it had worked.

About 3 month later, it was back. When I got to 22/3 the Acne was hard to deal with and was up and down. Through holiday sun, sunbeds and a 6 week trip to India, the skin was up and down. Clear sometimes and other times very inflamed.

In November last year, I was back at the Dermatologists, on a 30mg dose until march. On my second visit, I was upped to 40mg to the end of the course in coming July. I have an appointment in September to see the Dermatologist again to be inspected to see if I’ve relapsed into acne hell.

I’m really worried that despite the accutane having worked and I’m completely clear (Left with very uneven skin tone, red marks and some scarring) I will get it all back again like I did after the first try.

Has anyone else been on it twice and relapsed for the third time?

(By the way, I am only 9 stone 5, hence the small does, which is proportionate to body weight)

Any advice would be great!!

Thank you so much.

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Hey there, good luck on your 2nd course!

As for me, I just started my 2nd course almost 3 weeks ago. I was on accutane in high school and now, nearly 7 years later, I'm taking it again. My dermatologist said that people who do a 2nd course RARELY have to do a 3rd course - I'm hoping that's my story.

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I know this isn't what you want to hear, but...I've taken two courses of accutane, and both times it's come back. The first course, I was mostly clear for 8 years. The second course, for 3 years. I will say, in coming back after the second course, it is a milder form of acne, but it is still persistent and very, very stubborn to clearing. I think my case is the exception rather than the rule, though. Keep in mind, though, that folks that cleared up after the first or second round wouldn't be here anymore, KWIM? So, you wouldn't necessarily hear as many success stories - those successes will have moved on and will be living their lives. If I was still clear, I certainly wouldn't be here! Acne is hell - good luck to you. Hope this second round does the trick for you. :)

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