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Avoid overdoes of pantothenic acid

ive just been on it 3 weeks 10 grams a day faithrfully and see no results.. no reduction in oil but heard to wait at least 4 weeks

but still.... since most people on this high maximum dose noticed right away a result.. i think its not for me... what were your results? you say to avoid it... so.... when you stopped things got worse? youre supposed to slowly reduce NEVER abruptly stop....

10 grams.. then 9.... then 8,7,6,5 etc.... or maybe 2 grams at a time/per week.... lowering but not just cold turkey....

but for me considering the 4 week mark will be soon and I see nothing.. I can just know that I dont have that particular problem Dr.Leung spoke of about not metabolizing fatty acids

many of us its female hormone stuff....thats why SPIRO DID work so well for me... and so does spearmint tea.

but even so.. after 4 weeks of 10 grams a day... I WONT just stop cold turkey....

ill wean it off

also im taking a b-complex . but just once a week cuz its a SUPER B with LARGE %'s of each b vitamin...


my skin was clear and not oily while I was doing cleanses such as gallbladder/liver/colon etc.... wish I can find a way to be cleansing daily..

but those were difficult and took major discipline and eating wasnt "normal" dont even think I could work or hold a job during those 3 months last year of cleanses

but I had a BAD kind of leaky gut/candida problems.... after using antobiotics... so I had to attack yeast /fungus/candida (all the same) hard core...

now I just take herbs and probiotics.... but im breaking out and wayyy too oily... although the spearmint tea reduced oil 50% im still more oily than id like to be

because im spoiled now.im post accutane! and 100% tight oil free skin I had on accutane is all I can ever want now!!!

it lasted maybe 6 months OFF of it... but I was doing low dose accutane (30mg a day for 7 months) well last I took this accutane was last July... and my EXTRA oily skin just returned for a month now... January I was fine.... February I had "normal/combo " skin...


April=extra oily

ugh im considering spiro again or accutane again..just to control oil.

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Why stop taking it?

B5 is key for the Adrenal Gland which is key for your body

Everywhere you read says that you should always use a maintenance dose after the megadose & clearing

I found it works great at controlling oil

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it is pointless. it's the quick fixes that are the worst. you feel the worst with the quick fixes. at least I know I did.

all these pills are useless. maybe a multivitamin but overdosing is bad. I would know I did it in the past with b5 and it was a supposed cure. It's one of the worst things to happen to me.

Never let that happen to you!

Anything that is a quick fix is usually bad for you. I don't know if it's because I've been through it, who knows. But if I could go back I'd definitely never do it. It's only made my life worst. I did the maintanence dose crap it just made my liver or kidney feel painful.

The key to everything is being healthy. Eating healthy, sleeping early, exercise, sunlight without suncreen. You might still have acne but it's going to be much less or probably not at all.

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does anybody know if b5 cures acne permanently or does it come back after so long? ive been off megadosing for 4 months now and still no spots have returned and my skin is bone dry.I really want some of my sebum back cos without it my skin looks so unhealthy,it just keeps flaking.Please anyone if you know of anyways i can stop my skin from being so dry id really appreciate it.Ive tried everything from eating chips,chocolate,crisps etc but my skin just wont stop looking dead :( i really need help.I really hope that b5 megadosing hasnt caused my body to permanently stop producing sebum.I cant live with my skin being so dry,id rather have spots


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