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has anyone had a bad reaction to Simple products?

I started off using a boots wash and a Lush moisturizer. I heard they were bad for your skin so i switched to Simple products, mixing a bit of Jojoba oil in too. After I used the moisturizer my face felt hot and prickly. My skin went bright pink in the mornings and I got a rash where i used the product on my neck.

Thing is, it sounds like side effects from BP too and I'm not sure which it is, or whether its the Jojoba oils. :(

Argh. I don't want to test and play around to find out which it is cos my skin is all blotchy and red :(

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Hi there! :)

I've used Simple's Rich Replenishing Moisturiser before (I think that's what it's called) and it definitely made me break out. That was before I started using the regimen though.

I looked the ingredients up and it turns out that this particular Simple moisturiser contains some highly comedogenic ingredients e.g. coconut oil is the top ingredient listed and is highly comedogenic

I'm now on the regimen using a facewash and moistursiser from the Boots Expert Sensitive Range and Dan's BP. Have been doing this for 4 months and I'm pretty much all clear!!

Would really recommend the Boots Expert Sensitive Range. The products are so gentle and inexpensive so even if they don't work you don't have too much to lose!

Hope it helps! ;)

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To be honest i think it's just the BP because the same happened to me, i was using too much bp for the first week and my skin was getting damaged, then when i applied moisturizer it burned and felt hot. I think the same will happen with any moisturizer, and i'm using simple right now and it feels fine

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Simple have two moisturisers, Light Hyrdrating and Rich Replenishing, the light one is by far the best and it gave similar results to Dans one.

They have two cleansers aswell, a moisturising one (white packaging), and a refreshing one (green packaging), the white caused a few breakouts but the green one works perfectly.

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