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Helppyy for me! ... makeup (male)

Okay, I have come to the conclusion that I want to cover my blemishes and mild scars simply because I am so insecure about my skin and can no longer feel comfortable in public ......

How should I do this as in would a tinted moisturiser do? maybe a concealer? would I need more? I also have reletively large skin pours near my nose that i would like to cover ... please help, what would I need?

I also dont want to look like a "woman" hahah, I want to just have a nice finish so my skin looks natural but at the same time covers the light blemishes/scars/some very mild spots.

Thanks for reading, hope you can help meee :cool:

I used to laugh when I found out that even lads put makeup on .... not laughing now Im I =[

Maybe tell me some UK products where I can go in the shop haha ;)

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I recently was reading a magazine and I saw an advertisement for a make up concealer marketed specifically for men here in the states. It's called the men pen. LOL. They have a website you can order from, I'm sure they would ship to the UK: http://www.themenpen.com/

No clue how it actually works as I am female, but the before an after pics look pretty good :)

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For men you want your make-up to be very subtle but still actually cover very well. I don't think tinted moisturiser does much really. It evens out skin tone and can give your face a nice overall glow but doesn't really cover problem areas too well!

If you're worried about large pores then I would definitely recommend Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector- it's kind of a concealer that you put over areas with large pores and it's amazing! It's like 'Polyfilla' for your skin, filling in your pores and making your skin look so smooth! Plus, it's very light and doesn't really show up on your skin too much so it would be good for men who don't want to look like they're wearing make-up. If you get shiny during the day I'd also recommend using Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder, as it absorbs oil and helps to 'set' your make-up yet it goes on colourless so is very subtle. For covering up blemishes you just need a good concealer that matches your skintone. Almay do a good range that isn't that thick yet covers well. Also there's a new range of make-up in Boots (UK) called myface cosmetics. Everything in their range is organized by separate ranges according to shade of skin so if you only choose products from 'your' section then you can't go wrong- very useful for make-up novices. Matching products to the colour of your skin and blending well is ESSENTIAL if you don't want your make-up to look noticeable.

Oh and another tip- apply the make-up in a room that gets lots of natural daylight so that you get a good indication of what you'll look like outside. Don't be tempted to only look in mirrors in rooms with flattering lighting!

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