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:naughty:Jajajaja we al :rolleyes: l do it at some point in time N yes I do it too but I tried it for one week with just washing my face without picking my face so tempting to squeeze and mess with a pimple but leave it alone :wub: I promise it will go away much faster without leaving a scar please change your bedsheets clean your cell phone dont lean and your face leave it alone drink lots of water and relax go out dont stay in a little sunlight wont hurt . Touch your face and youll leave traces of where your fingers have been with big red pimples .


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This is total bullshit. I wash my mobile phone all the time and i still get acne!!! I called my mobile phone service provider and they didn't know what i was talking about when i said it was doing damage to my face. It's a conspiracy, they are in league with the acne topical manufacturers and they know if acne is cured for everyone then nobody would use mobile phones anymore. It makes me sick.

I am looking for recruits to join my ultra-right wing group of anti-mobile-phone-service-providers. Simply shortened to URWGOAMPSP. The rebelion is just getting started.

Also, i have been poking my face with the hand of a dead ape. Would this cause any damage? i wouldn't want it to leave traces...

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