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I started using tazorac in may of 2008 using it the whole 12 weeks right :doh: hoping it would clear up my acne NoT just had flaking itching aweful peeling soooooooooo imbarrassing especially for someone that works in customer service dealing with alot people everyday N yes :clap: Ive heard that there are alot of people that tried it N it worked but not for me i just stopped it would rather be pimply than be a sheding snake all the time fugly I know but its the truff jejeje I know use cetaphil and i do see better results with this than that really expensive medication 35 dollars a tube come on now ... :naughty:
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sorry to hear that it didnt work for you.......hope cetaphil works better for you.....i just started using tazorac .....have you had any issues with the taz. and the sun...like going tanning or getting a sunburn from being at the beach...also did you use moisturizer with the taz?

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I did use a moisturizer vasaline for men that works great but using tazorac made me more oily dont know why it works by removing blackheads but kept my pores open most of the time guess that is why i was oily sensitive to the sun yes burned faster so put sunblock or stay away from the sun

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35 dollars? That's cheap. Without insurance I paid 200 dollars for my differin! Of course the tube is huge and will last me at least 6 months.

Tazorac is the strongest of the retinoid family and alot of people cant tolerate it.

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