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color="#48D1CC"] :wub: Hey I just wanted to say it sooooooooo late but i cant sleep but I did get some of this tea tree oil heard its great for scars in healing the pimple or reducing the redness . I tried it and its awesome cleared my scars within a week of just dabbing a little on the scar without peeling it off just waited for it to come off on its own. Right beneath it was great looking skin . Now the thing that sucked was that skanky smell but its worth it if you want to say bye to that funky ugly scar. Dont put too much its really strong people compare it to it benzoly peroxide. :drool::wub:

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You should nearly always dilute TTO before putting it on.

The pure essential oil is too strong; it needs to be diluted down to 10% strength, that's 5 ml (half a small bottle) in 50ml of face cream or similar; 10ml in 100ml (about half an ounce in 4 ounces of face cream).

Basically, the best way I can explain this, TTO is slightly poisonous, but the bugs on your face hate it far more than you do. If you dilute it down, your skin probably can handle it, but the bugs are surrounded by it, and croak; they can't. :dance:

If you dilute it below 4% then some of the nastier and more robust types of bacteria on your skin can survive; and a few common bugs you don't really want can survive to about 8%.

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