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ElecTRIC ShaVers VS. RazoR

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So, what about electrics shavers? I thought that they were supposed to be better, right? shave faster in less time? but do they add or spread bacteria all over? I tend to get red bumps that linger for quite some time, also some fill up with pus just beneath the skin, but when I shave with a regular razor blade I dont get this problem. I actually feel that I may be better off with a razor. what do you other guys think, could I be doing something wrong? and yes I do shave in the direction of the hair growth............

ah! thats better :D... in my experience with electric razors, they would sometimes catch and pluck the hairs out instead of just cutting them...which would obviously lead to ingrown hairs, which is what you're getting. (i found that BP after shaving sensitive skin reduces ingrown hairs!) i do not think an electric razor would spread bacteria any more than a razor blade, but it may help to disinfect it with alcohol beforehand and use aftershave right after? see if that helps.

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I can only vouch for face shaving aka the guys.

Theirs different types of electric shavers as you probably already know clippers, rotary shavers and foil shavers.

Personally i use a foil shaver and get the same result as i would with a blade minus the fucking about and cuts and/or irritation.

That's just my preference though so each to thir own.

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I've gone through a fair few shaving phases. 1,2 and 3 blade razors and electrics, I've just stuck with the razor as it tends to not pluck hairs like with the electric, yet it really depends which one you get. At the moment a 3 blade razor is fine for me :)

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I would say use the foam & razor for your face instead of an electric shaver.

I used a razor for a few weeks and then switched to my old electric thing and a week later i am still suffering from the fucking hideous breakout it gave me. Maybe i should have got a new blade for the shaver, because it did a ridiculously shit job.

PS: To the OP, sort your bloody font out!

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I use a foil shaver on my face.

My facial hair grows back incredibly fast and coarse so shaving with a normal 4 blade razor hurts an unbelievable amount.

I've tried shaving with 3 blades, 4 blades (both electric and standard), water only, shaving gel (normal, sensitive, etc), and no matter what combination I use, I end up in a lot of pain.

Obviously the pain only comes when I am shaving against the grain, but if I shave with the grain, it barely looks like I shaved.

An electric foil shaver gives me probably a shave that is about 90% as close to using a standard razor. It only takes 2-3 minutes to do, and I can even just do it at my computer since I don't use it with water.

Shaving cream also tends to make me break out more along my jawline.

It might depend also on the brand you get. I own a somewhat expensive electric shaver and not just a cheap $30 you can pick up at Target or Walmart. Electric shavers seem to be a lot more of "you get what you pay for."

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I have the same problem with electric shavers. They recommend that you use them exclusively for 3 weeks straight so that your skin will adjust but mine never did. I gave up and started using a blade again. No sense using something that was causing me to break out. Who wants red inflamed spots on thier face from shaving?

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blade and electric both irritate your skin. blade does a closer shave so might as well shave less and not irritate your skin as much. plus blade does a lot better job at exfoliating which is one benefit

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