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Paulas choice BHA 1 month

Im about at my one month mark of using paulas choice 2% bha. I use it morning and night.

My skin is normally flaky and dead skin builds up, its taken care of that. My inflammatory acne is better. But its still there and i really havent seen any change in my blackheads. My skin truthfully doesnt even seem to be any smoother. It still looks rough, like sandpaper.

Is it to soon to tell or do you think its time to move on?

I love salicylic acid. It is so gentle on my skin and never irritates or dries it out. But if its not going to clear up my problems then I need to move on. Next is retinol. I really didnt want to spend a lot of money, BHAs are cheap, and I dont want a treatment thats going to dry my skin out, but if i need to go to retinol then i will.

Any thoughts?

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You could add in an AHA or mandelic. AHA in the morning and BHA at night or AHA one day and BHA the next. Make sure you give about 15-20 minutes after you put them on to use your moisturizer or whatever else.

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Maybe its because Salicylic Acid is mainly used in acne prevention, not treatment. Benzoyl Peroxide would kill the acne bacteria. It appears that its working in the sense that your flakiness is gone, though.

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I'd give it another 2-3 weeks. If you see no significant progress, I'd suggest that you add a retinol product to your routine.

No need to discontinue the BHAs -- your skin is fully accustomed to the product, and retinol and BHAs work very well together. Basically, the BHAs loosen the comedones within the pores, and the retinol pushes them out.

Retinol doesn't actually dry out your skin. The flakiness comes from the fact that retinoids affect the way your skin cells stick together -- it loosens up the surface cells, basically. You do have to be careful to protect your skin barrier, of course, so I recommend supplementing with fish or flaxseed oil, and moisturizing as necessary.

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