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Acne and diet? Is there any way to make sense of it?

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Well I see all these posts about what vitamins and minerals are good and bad for acne and I see a lot of contradicting posts. I'm curious though, which vitamins and minerals are good for acne?

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Vitamin A, vitamin e, vitamin c and zinc are particularly important vitamin for acne that often showing up as a deficiency. Other non vitamin antioxidants can also help. So MSM (natural sulpher) is an excellent choice for problem skin. Indeed it is often used by people without acne who just want to maintain or improve the condition of their skin.

Vitamin A taken at greater doses than the recommended daily allowance should only be done under qualified supervision, and should not be done by pregnant women.

Daily essential fatty acids are strong vitamin for acne recommendations - 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil, supplying the omega 3 fatty acids, (or the equivalent in grams in capsules - about 6g or 6 x 1g capsules) and 2g of omega 6, or omega 6 derivative oils, like evening primrose oil.

Zinc - 30 - 80 mg daily.

Vitamin C - 3000 - 5000 mg daily.

Vitamin E - 400IU daily.

If taking a good multi vitamin for acne (which is recommended so you get a balance of b vitamins and other nutrients), subtract the amount supplied in your multi vitamin and take additional vitamin e and c and zinc as required.

Hope this helps:)

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Fish oils are also pretty good. Currently I am taking iron and vitamin D, to see if they have any affect.

Also, you might want to be careful about taking "antioxidant supplements." They might actually do the opposite of what they claim.

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check alternativista's topics for 'condensed handbook'. There is a lot of great information there for health and beauty, not just acne.

Also, I supplement with a nutritious diet with fruits, veggies, 'superfoods' and various healthy fats from coconut oil, olive oil and butter. Exercise and hobbies are important to relieve stress.

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