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I have mild acne i think, but my main problem is blackheads. they are small and deeply imbeded in my skin they are all over my forehead my inner cheeks, my nose and my chin. They are so hard to get rid of! I have got rid of most of my pimples. I do have some red marks left on my face, i think some is scaring and some are still active spots, my skin looks not too bad from far away but up close it looks horrid :( There is just hardly any clear bits atall because of these stupid blackheads, and it gives my skin the look of bad texture, when my skin is generally soft and smooth when i put my hand over it.

What is the best thing to get rid of stuborn blackheads?

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I think the best solution for blackheads is a tweezerman extractor. Read the most helpful reviews on it on Makeupalley before you buy it and use it though.

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First line of defense: a gentle leave-on salicylic acid product, such as the Paula's Choice BHAs.

This will exfoliate the pores and loosen up the comedones.

Extractions at the 4-8 week point can really help the process along. I suggest having these professionally done, though.

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Find an exfoliator or pore scrub. I use Biore Pore Scrub and it gets rid of most black heads and exfoliates with salicylic acid. It's really good.

Also try steaming. In the shower use hot water, then your pores will be open when you clean. I don't reccomend extractors, I hear they can stretch pores and harm your skin. I guess you could.

Masks also help maybe look for one specifically for blackheads.

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