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i just started differin and i have a bunch of clogged pores mostly on my cheek area and some on the jaw chin eara. Most of them arent raised when my skin is normal and most arent even raised when my skin is stretch. I can see the white spots when my skin is stretch and some are slightly raised to the touch however most arent. I was wondering when differin treats them is it possible that they will not surface. I am aware that the bacteria has to get out and the most common way is for it to turn inflammed. However, i was wondering if there is the possiblilty that it can treat it under the skin and i can avoid the inflammation. I am aware that most of the more developed ones will have to come out the hard way but i am depressed thinking about all the small white non raised spots coming out that way...eventually.

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Everyone's skin is different. For example, I have been on Differin for nearly three months and had the same problem (clogged pores, whiteheads, etc.). In fact, some of my whiteheads ("white spots when my skin is stretched") were from last summer, so they were extremely bad/deep. Unfortunately, Differin caused everything to erupt. Read my log if you are interested: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/AJ-s-Long...41#entry2600641

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