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When I was 19 I started getting a redness in my cheeks which slowly spread over the weeks to my entire face. I am now 24, and while it isn't as bad as it once was, I still have pretty severe rosacea.

At the time the doctor had no idea what it was and was giving me very weak steroid creams for my face and an anti-histamine, nothing which worked, infact I think it made it worse. Eventually I got to see a dermatologist who gave me a range of different treatments for different things and eventually my skin got alot more presentable. I was never scarred or scabbed or anything, just looked very spotty and very dry.

Eventually I was told I had Acne Rosacea and while it was not curable, it was treatable. I was told it could clear up in months or years or never. For around four years I've been taking Tetralysal 300mg on and off carefully so as not to devolop a resistance to the drug.

If I do not take the medication for a while my skin becomes more red, more spotty and extremely dry and flaky, which you can imagine is not great on a facial area. When I take the drug the dryness almost completly dissapears, my skin becomes slightly less red and the spots almost vanish. I also find washing my face with Oilatum in the morning and night to really help with the dry part of it.

It's litterly been a good 3 years since I've seen the dermatologist, and while I've accepted this might be a life-long condition I'm wondering if there would be any point in consulting them again, because I don't think taking these anti-biotics for so long can be good for me. Should I go? I'm pretty tired of having the sunglasses-sunburned look around my eyes.

Also I've been wondering is there anyone else with a similar situation to me?

Hope to hell someone reads this : (

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