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Good Regimen or No? Need Advice!

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When I shower I wash my face first with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for oily/normal types and after that I wash it with Clearasil Daily Facial Cleanser. When I get out of the shower I apply Olay and then go to my room and apply Clindaymycin and wait for it to dry, then apply Cetaphil Moisturizer. I also take a Minocycline 50MG pill.


I just take supplements and blot face with oil sheets. I take these all at once so would that decrease effectiveness with all these mixing?

Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C

Vitamin D-3 1000

Zinc 50

Fish Oil Pills (Most people say 1000 is a good dosage and the bottle says 3 pills=1000 and I only take one so should I up the dosage.)


I use the same shower regimen from above.. wash in shower with cetaphil and clearasil, then moisturizer, then cetaphil, then moisturizer, then Retin-A, then moisturizer and Minocycine 50mg. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and give me some advice? Thanks!

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i say that if it helping your acne then keep with it. the only things i would suggest is to take at least 3 fish oil tablets (at firts i took 3 a day then i uped to 4 a day, and you will not belive the difference it made) and i usually cut my vitamins in half and take one half in the morning and one at night, it makes it easyer for your body to asorb. also i take 75 mg of zinc a day. i hope this helps :D

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Before you put the clindamycin, wait at least 30 minutes or so, and also after you put it on, wait before applying more moisturizer!

Why are you using two cleansers and such?

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