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gerry harol

(please help)i have a breakout, it's everywhere

hello everyone, thx for coming in....

umm im currently on my early 20's and suddenly i having an acne breakout, it's pretty big and bleach... and the most annoying one is the white one that doesnt wanna come out and its everywhere(u might called it whiteheads maybe)

what should i do, the only treatment that available in my town is only facial, ohh god, please help me, i think my girlfriend it's about to dump me...................

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There are no doctors or derms in your town?

Start here. This is the beginning of the regimen. It works very well for many with inflammatory acne. All you need is a gentle cleanser, plenty of 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and a gentle, non-acne causing moisturizer.

And...if your girlfriend wants to break up with you over some pimples, she's got bigger problems than you do! That's exceedingly shallow. You have come to the right place though, everyone here understands the desperation and suffering that acne can cause. Do not forget your good qualities nor the reasons you and your girlfriend got together in the first place; those good qualities aren't gone. Remind yourself of your good points! Don't let acne take your identity!

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