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4% Benzyl Peroxide

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Over that last 2 weeks I have been using 4% Benzyl Peroxide with good effect. Most of my older acne is now turned into scars, however my skin a really dry and im not sure whether I should apply moisterizer 10mins after applying BP.

Later today I am purchasing Cetaphil Anti-Bacterial Wash and using that every morning and night.

After Cleansing applying BP.

I have had a few more breakouts and I need some advice on how to prevent this

Thanks JonoB

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Yes, you should definitely moisturize. Really, you should moisturize whether or not you're using BP, but since BP is drying (especially concentrations higher than 2.5%), it's really important to moisturize to help keep your skin as balanced as possible.

And I'd stick with a more gentle cleanser if I were you. Your skin is already going through enough with the BP you're using.

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Thank-You for ther reply. I was also wondering whether you could give me any recommendations of a mild cleanser or moisteriser. I am currently using this as my cleanser, however the one in the link is the old version but i have included the main ingredients below the link.


Tea Tree Oil

Fruit Acids

Do you think this is The right mild cleanser I should be using?

I really want to buy Dans Kit however im only a teenager and my parents say I have spents enough money on cleansers and creams to last me a lifetime and re-fuse to purchase it for me.

BTw does he ship to the UK?

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New users can't post links as we have regular trouble with spammers. :)

Here are the moisturizers recommended by users: http://www.acne.org/moisturizers/rcat5/page1.html#browse

The cetaphil cleansers are all gentle and should be okay for use; their pH is also within suggested range.

The nice thing about the regimen is that you don't have to purchase from this site: you can use products that are available in a local drug store. If you're happy with the results and your parents see the improvement, perhaps they'd be willing to purchase Dan's products for you when you show them the results.

You should avoid cleansers with Tea Tree oil (can cause dermatitis), fruit acids (can be too irritating when first starting the Regimen), and other active ingredients when first starting the Regimen. A gentle cleanser is sufficient. :)

I would recommend that you try The Regimen as you're already using benzoyl peroxide with effect. If you follow the directions, read 'what to expect' and also the FAQs, you'll have a good understanding of what the regimen is all about and you may have a good chance of obtaining that clear skin. :)

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