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The right and wrong way to do accutane

one month into my accutane journey I just don't understand why more people dont prepare a little better for accutane side effects. Heres some things that have helped me.

Bloody noses:

Run a humidifier always in the area you spend the most time.

Use a saline spray occasionally to help heal any irritation you might not know has started.

Vaseline/aquaphor in nostrils.

First 10 days of accutane oily skin helper:

Wipe your face off with a baby wipe during the day once or twice. Then add LOTION. (oil is produced because your face got dry and thats how the face responds) You need to wipe if off sometimes cause oil traps bacteria,, but not too much or you get irritated. One or two wipes daily wont kill an oily face. Add the lotion to help slow the cycle from repeating.

Skin rashes/dryness:

After showering use babyoil to lock in moisture. Preventing severe dry skin is better than trying to fix it. It even helps the "private" areas.

Joint pain:

Take vitamins and joint supplements. Your putting stress on them so why not help em out with a supplement! I doubled my dose. Had very little joint discomfort!

High lipid levels:

Eat a lower carb/fat diet. You might even lose weight and feel great.


Drink, Drink Drink WATER. Its good for your skin and joints and energy! When that doesnt work... get sleep you must need it.


Be gentle to your hair. Use dandruff shampoo if you must wash then try not to wash as often. Olive oil spray (super quick spray)on the ends is fantastic if your really dry but most importantly.. DONT watch how much hair goes in your brush. You never counted before so your going to freak yourself out if you count now!

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