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I think I figured it all out today.

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I had lunch with my friend and her mom.

First before I even tell you what the topic was all about, her mother is really pretty. When I first met her and she later told me that her mom listened to rap, I totally imagined a old-ish asian lady driving in the freeway trying to stay "in with it". But she totally isn't; she looks like she's in her thirties when she's actually closer being almost fifty.

Her face is flawless. This is probably the aftermath of having acne for so long--I notice skin first. She wears make up, but I could tell she never had a single breakout recently. Her skin is just gorgeous. My skin is crap.

She was telling me about her hard life and this pretty much sums up her early life: poor, trouble with family, but beautiful and most importantly--confident. She bluntly told me all her flaws and pointed them out. But nonetheless, she had guys following everywhere she went.

She told me how she would always get invited to monthly parties, and her not-as-attractive friends used to beg her to go so they can follow in as invites. She worked during all this time tho, so she couldn't dance at the parties at all. But she told me "It's all confidence. You have to be confident". She couldn't dance, but she told me how she went around this (it was hilarious :D ) She couldn't dance, but everytime guys came up to her to dance, she'd get really confident and say "I don't feel like dancing right now. I also hate this song. Maybe later."

Yes, she might come out to see concieted, but while she was telling me her story over lunch, I couldn't help but admire her confidence in everything. Everything!

Okay, I'm rambling now. To sum it up, this is it:

Confidence and character wins over your flaws. And if you really want something, you need to invest in it (both time and money-wise).

She might have not had acne, but that doesn't matter. Acne is a flaw. She had flaws.

The only difference really between those who enjoy life and don't are basically people who can deal with their problems and the ones that can't.

I don't know. I just feel so inspired right now. I feel like I telling the world so they can feel this way too :wub: (or at least this forum rofl)

Yes, we all tried "everything": all those products, all those regimens--but I know from browsing forums and from personal experience... I think we just lack the confidence. Feel bad about it some more. Feel like shit. And stress doesn't do well for people with acne (I think we all know that). But that's like that for almost all problems and flaws. Lack of confidence usually equals stress, one point or another, and could make problems worse.

Confidence and investment, people! :wub:

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When I hear people talk about confidence it's hard for me to imagine because I've lost all mine.

I may not seem like it because all I ever do in here is try and make people see the bright side of the world... when I'm seeing the complete opposite. I guess that means I contradict myself or don't practice what I preach, but the truth is it is so much easier said than done.

Confidence really is the key and when I think about it, it's one of the things I haven't tried yet. It's hard to be confident when you're being torn down on the way, but I guess it's one of the lessons you have to achieve.. one of those "life" things.




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You are 100% right I try to ''appear'' confident as much as I can ,but it's kinda difficult to be confident in front of others when you lack the confidence to even look at yourself in the mirror (sad but true)...

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Really glad you discovered that. It's different for everyone, but I hope this works out for you. Congratulations.
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