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Are there any theories or just opinions on?

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i was reading some posts and i came across a lot of theories on y people have acne or what research has to say about acne. i was wondering, what about people who have a sudden onset of severe acne, is there any research or theories about these cases. TAKE ME FOR EXAMPLE.

Ive never dealt with acne, even when i hit puberty and all the hormonal changes happened. Im 19 now and i have severe cystic acne all over my cheeks and it happened in only a couple months. i mean, shouldnt my acne have happened at puberty or even the years following it. Im a grown ass man now, i thought i got passed it. Ive searched the forums and internet but cannot find anything on this or anybody in the same boat. all the derm said was "everybodies different" and "its hormonal". i could have said that shit u kno. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK


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At 19 you could still be having a hormonal surge as you continue to mature. Some guys still have hormonal surges into their young adulthood years, past the teens.

A sudden onset of acne could mean that you: have experienced that hormonal surge, or you have significantly changed your diet recently (look at the nutrition and holistic health forum for great ideas on anti-inflammatory diets, recommended supplements, etc), or you have added elements of stress in your life, or you have differences in cleansers/medications/almost anything that might have triggered this sudden cystic acne outbreak. Chemical exposures can sometimes cause acne outbreaks. Have you started a new job in the last few months before the breakout, any new medications, a new cleanser, a new garden, almost anything different? Think of those that you could discuss with your derm.

I assume your doctor also checked some lab values to rule out endocrine abnormalities, like diabetes or even an androgen excess (that can happen with men, too).

It is however most likely that you're experiencing a surge of hormones. What has your doctor or dermatologist decided to start you with?

You have most definitely come to the right place to get understanding of how you're feeling. We've all been there in one way or another at some time.

I understand why you put this post in Acne Research as you wish information and theories as to why this could happen to you so suddenly, but I think you might get more replies if I move this to the Severe Acne forum.

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I know!!!

That happened to me too!! Im 17 and I had the occasional pimple but i got really bad acne on the sides of my cheek really suddenly.

You're not alone and I understand how you're feeling.

I went to a dermatologist and they prescribed me accutane cause my acne started to give me scars and everything so yeah...

im not sure why acne develops all of a sudden but i guess it could be a combination of hormones, stress and a sudden change of environment(did you go overseas for a while?) cause having all three could have sped up the process of them developing.

Cause i went overseas for bout 5 weeks and my body was having to get used to the changed environment around me eg completely different climates...etc Also my diet did change suddenly during those five weeks... So maybe they contributed to my sudden acne..

Anyways hope my reply helped a little!

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Thanks for the replies, its nice to kno im not the only person thats been attacked all of a sudden. i did move from the midwest to the east coast, so maybe thats it. Unlikely tho.

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Thanks for the replies, its nice to kno im not the only person thats been attacked all of a sudden. i did move from the midwest to the east coast, so maybe thats it. Unlikely tho.

It's highly possible, actually. The climate is very different and your skin might have trouble adjusting to the different temperature and humidity levels. The water itself is likely very different, too. You could try a shower filter to be on the absolutely safe side. Some people find that a shower filter's helpful.

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And there is the stress of moving, no matter if you were looking forward to it or not.

I'd consider the shower filter as Wynne suggested. Why not try adding some fish oil supplements, too?

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I dont wanna try to debunk your opinion or reason, but i lived on the east coast all my life, then i went to the midwest for 10 months, then came back. still, do u think i was away too long or something. It just eating at me that i cant find an answer, even from the derms. O, does water really play that big of a part?

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