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Hello. I hope that I'm posting in the right place.

I wanted to share my own success story with fighting pimples. It's a bit of a miracle and I don't know if I was a unique case or if has worked for others too. I couldn't find this particular method online, but was wondering if anyone here had heard of it or tried it.

I used to have pimples all over my forehead (literally all over), and nose (some on chin). I tried lots of cleansers, toners, and various other things that never gave me the results that I was looking for. (okay, I know this is starting off a bit cheezy) I wanted clear skin, not just clearer skin, because I didn't want to feel embarrassed when people looked at me.

I was about to start a new school where no one would know me and was desperate to have clear skin, but I was not hopeful. I happened to watch Oprah the day before I would be attending my new school. This is what was suggested to do:

- clean face thoroughly with a good facial cleanser using very warm water (you could probably exfoliate too, but I didn't)

- dry face with towel

- then use a cotton ball and astringent and wipe face with astringent until no dirt shows on the cotton ball

- fill sink with water and ice cubes (leave room in the sink for your face so it doesn't overflow)

- put a protective layer of vaseline all over your face (please note this is very important to prevent the cold from burning the skin, my mom forgot and it was not pretty)

- then using a snorkel submerge face in ice water for 30 minutes

- then wash off the vaseline with facial cleanser, and astringent

Sounds crazy, right? Well it kind of is I guess, but I kid you not I woke up the next morning and did not have even 1 pimple on my face. Not one! I did the treatment around 5pm. Can you imagine how excited I was to be seen? It truly was a miracle for me. After that I just rubbed an ice cube on my face post face washing to keep my pores as closed as possible.

Just thought that I'd share. Seemed wrong to keep it to myself. Now I have a more difficult issue, fibrous papule (not sure of the plural spelling).

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