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Dianette. Weight gain??

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i recently went to the doctors since my acne is looking yucky again and he gave me dianette .. iv also got some Eurthromycin as i havnet made my mind up if i want to go on the pill . the reason??


seriously does it cause.it. because i already have eating disorder issues and im gettin reallly anxious about this .. i want clear skin but i dont want weight gain.. i dont know what to do.. :(

what are peoples experience with dianette?


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hey :)

I know a lot of women's fears when they go on the bcp is that they will gain weight. now i can only speak for myself but i've been on bcp for a few years now and i've never experienced weight gain on it. in fact i've experienced a little POSITIVE weight gain (in the chest area haha), which is more than welcome!

if it's any more reassurance, the girlfriends i have who are also on bcp have no experienced problems with weight gain either :)

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I was on Diane(that's what it's called in Canada) for several years and I did experience weight gain but not the kind that you're thinking of. What I got was water weight. Exercise did help lessen it a bit but Spironolactone really got rid of it.

Other then that, the pills worked wonderfully for me.

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no pill should cause you to gain proper 'weight'. As pills are hormonal they can seem to increase your appetite but you are in control of this so don't change your eating habits. If you experience some water retention, there is also loads of things you can do to help this too.

I have never experienced weight gain and I've tried a fair few including Dianette, Cilest, Loestrin, Microgynon and Yasmin.

Dianette really helped with my skin so I'd always recommend it. Of course it doesn't always work the same on other people though. The only down fall of Dianette for me is that Drs in the UK often don't like you to be on Dianette for more than a year or two. Unfortunately I got taken off it after a year :cry:

Hope this helps.

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ive been on dianette for nearly 3years now and havnt experienced weight gain at all.

Though it probably depends on what sort of figure/physique you have. Maybe if you're prone to gaining weight and have the sort of body that can gain/loss weight easily,it could happen.

I havnt heard too many stories about this happening though...

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