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Neem Oil Soap and Lotion

Hi all,

I haven't seen a post on this in a long time so I wanted to post my experience. I like to do some gardening, so I bought some Neem Oil as it makes an excellent natural insecticide and also helps prevent root rot in plants. While researching the product online, I also found out it has been used to treat acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions. So, being a lifelong acne-sufferer, I decided to order the bar soap and lotion from amazon.com and give it a try.

To describe my condition - I have had moderate and sometimes severe acne since I was a teenager (32 now). For several years it seemed to subside, but the last 6 months have been horrible. I have gotten major breakouts and cysts on my chin and back, several times a month. I thought it was hormone related, but after trying 4 different types of birth control, I don't think that's the main issue. I have tried EVERYTHING - dead sea salts, tea tree oil, head and shoulders, Pan Oxy, Perricone, Proactive, everything - you name it. Sometimes things work for a while, but then it's like my body becomes immune to it. I am finally to a point where I broke down and made the derm doc appt (I hate docs, so this is a huge step for me).

Well, I have been using this Neem Oil soap and lotion for several days on some really persistent cysts, and they are already less painful and much smaller then when I started. I am really excited at the fast results I'm seeing. I also ordered the Neem Oil supplements, but they haven't arrived yet. I hope my body doesn't become immune to this product either, but so far I am very happy with the results. Neem Oil is a natural, powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial substance. I just wanted to post my experience incase there's someone else out who wants something new to try. It was also fairly inexpensive - I paid $30 for the soap, lotion and supplements, and that includes shipping.

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