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TCA CROSS + EGF cream + HA supplements

hey guys ish nice we finally meet ~

as for myself i came to the army in korea and my acne exploded with scars..about 30 ice picks on the right cheek and about 15 on the left...really effected in many ways..physically and mentally... :(

so i started researchinlike never before~~

1) had 6 mts done on me with 2mm needle~

2) started taking isotronine is what they called it in korea...which is like accutane i think after reading some of the blogs~..great for stopping acnes..but no use for scars...

3) did about 7 collagen skin repair thing with thing machine thing..dont exactrly know the name but had some effect...the holes did get shallower..but still looked terrible...><

4) did tca cross 2 times is when i started seeing about 60 percent improvment...

5) after visiting this site i bought egf :)

i feel a little better about myself but im still not really satisfied as the scars are still visible ><

6) Fraxel laser 2 times... last one to go next on may ~

i have a few question reily if u could please give me your guidance...

the most urgent one is that i have done tca cross and there are alot of scabs...

1) do i put on egf while i have the scabs or after the scabs falls off?

2) could u please link me the site for the tca complex? is it like the tca latte on ebay?

3) how do u treat shallow rolling scars? tca cross it or?...?

4) HA supplements is what i think im missing at the moment...

could u please send me the link as im very interested in buying the o HA supplements

o EGF cream

o TCA complex

if u dont mind please send me the links because i really want to buy the same one u used...as on ebay..etc there are soooo many to choose from


thanks a million..take care ^^

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