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My acne has gone after 15 horrible years....but :(

Yes, my acne has all but disappeared after 15 years of hell with bouts of moderate to severe inflamed and often cystic acne.

My secret? Acnegel, which is basically benzoyl peroxide. It's the only thing that has worked and I've had thousands of pounds worth of laser treatments, bought every topical you can imagine and been on lots of courses of antibiotics.

The only problem is that I am scared to stop using the Acnegel in case the spots come back. I currently have very very dry skin which is almost looking wrinkled it's so dry (I'm 34). I feel like I need to use a good moisturiser but I'm petrified that this will cause me spots.

Do I give up the peroxide or do I continue with it and use a moisturiser, if so, which one?

Also, the peroxide has bleaced some parts of my face so I now have white marks :(

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that my spots have finally gone but could do with some advice about what to do now

Thank you xxx

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find a moisturizer which doesnt clog ur pores. also i find if u use an spf moisturizer it may clog ur pores as its heavy on the skin. try something for dry skin and moisturize twice a day. y dont u try moisturize before u up ur BP on so ur skin wont be so dry?

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