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help meee


Unbelievable this accutane ride takes so many turns and bumps and just when u figure 1 thing out another comes along. On my 53rd day. <y skin is 100 percent clear and has been after an IB that started in my 7th day and was handled beautifuuly with a couple weeks of prednisone. Super happy with my skin if u ignore the clown red face and super dry lips.

After 2 weeks started noticing my hair was receeding. Didnt think much of it but as weeks went by it has become obvious and unmistakeable. I started Using Rogaine religiously, used a dht blocking shampoo, and tried to make believe it wasnt happening. I read a bunch of posts and finally went to derm and explained that it looks as ehough I have traded 1 problem and gotten another one. Which is worse???!! Not sure?? The derm called the company (MERC or Roche not sure) and they sent some literature that everyone should need to know. (I believe if I had known prior I may have stayed on antibiotics. Ill share some stats in a minute. My doctor prescribed propecia which I have been taking for 2 days, but taking propecia scares the crap out of me. For those men that r taking it we may be in for a nightmare. It blocks DHT which may raise free unbound testosterone in body (that is a good thing). The nightmare is iy also raises estrogen. This is what causes possible impotence and breast enlargement. It will also increase the amt of flab and fat carried around giving that smooth appearance. I am a trainer and have been fighting the last 20 years to lower my estrogen and now I am taking a drug to raise it...Just Ridiculous.

1 Reports ofalopecia in up to 29 percent of patients treated with isotretinoin have been reported

2 Patients may notice increased shedding of scalp hairs, which usually first becomes evident in the latter weeks of treatment but sometimes not noticed until treatment is concluded. May take months to return if it does

Along with my estrogen raising, male destroying propecia, I just started takin Biotin at the advice of some on this sight and utilizing Rogain. It may take months to help if at all so I will update this post about 1x a week unless anyone has questions or comments. Propecia is long term as u lose what hair u gained from it if u stop taking it, but Im hoping to get off slowly when I am finished my course and if the hair comes back at all. I am also thinking of taking an over the counter estrogen blocker like Tbomb 2 or formadrol, but dont want to stress my liver while on accutane and these things all have to pass thriough liver putting stress on it. We will see. I will follow up so everyone knows if this regimen will bring back hair and if I turn into girlie man. If anyone had any good experiences with propecia, I sure would love to hear them cause I am literally puking thinking about what I got myself into

Good luck all.

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Just a quick update: Started over the counter formadrol extreme 3 pills a day to counteract estrogen. So far obviously no changes. Will monitor skin closely because Im wondering if knocking down the estrogen even a small amt will increase testosterone and possibly cause breakout. SO far skin is absolutely perfect no actives or old ones. Skin is crystal clear just red. Will update

good luck all

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To all the people hoping not to look like a cue ball, I am sorry I havent posted in 10 days but here goes. I stopped Formadrol because I started breaking out, but am now taking TBomb 2 to get rid of estrogen. My skin cleared up immediately and is back to 100 percent clear Still on propecia, biotin and DHT blocking shampoo, and of course Rogain. Tough to tell if its doing anything, but probably way to early to tell.

Good luck

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