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Anyone successfully ordered BPGEL in Australia??

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Has anyone managed to get their hands on the BP GEL in Australia? Im in Melbourne, Victoria and I'm not too sure about the customs restrictions on benzol peroxide. I've been using BENZAC AC 2.5% which is the only one we can get over here.

To all Aussie users of the regimen, anyone get better results using the BP GEL???

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yeh mate, im in melb vic aswell, i successfully received my 3 tubes of BP gel like 2-3 weeks ago. everything was cool. took about 2 weeks to get to me after placing my order. hey i was on benzac 2.5 b4 that, and its pretty much the same shit, just the bigger bottle. so do your sums and see what turns out cheaper. hope this helped!

PS. what other products you using atm?

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Hey there fellow Melbournian,

The products I use, and my routine is as follows (morning and night):

- WASH FACE - Apply Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser for a few seconds, then rinse with warm and cold water. (I do this in the shower at night)

- (wait 10-15mins) APPLY BP - I use BENZAC AC 2.5% Gel, apply to all over my face, I am extra gentle when applying this on, and spend about 10 mins to make sure it fully absorbs.

- (wait 10-15mins) APPLY MOSTERIZER - I use Neutrogena Oil-free mosterizer for sensetive skin. I use about 4-5 pumps worth on my face and makes sure it gets gently absorbed. (Can't find the one this site recommends that is both Oil-free and SP15.)

Could you tell me your experiences with both BENZAC AC 2.5% and the BPGEL??? How much do you use, and what sort of results you get? I've been on the regimen for about 2 months now and results have been average. My skin is a little bit drier but thats ok, i just use more mosterizer. How much BP do you use? I use a lot so I go through about a tube's worth (50g) in about a week. Let me know how you go with the BPGEL.

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Hi guys

nice to know there are other Melbourians out there!

I started the regimen 5 days ago but im using the panoxyl acne gel, have experienced exceptional drying, but i was expecting that!

Just wondering how you are going and if you've used Dan's BP gel?

Im using the same routine as pandaboy, has this been good for you?


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Hi Everyone! (Mainly People from Australia)

How much did 1 bottle of BP Gel cost you (inclusing post) in Aus dollars?

I've emailed the support team for details and I was told US$15, I'm not sure if I need to convert this into AUD$$ or just send $15.


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