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Interesting Realization

I had 100% perfectly clear skin a few months ago, and now my face is full of red scars from acne on my chin. I have noticed that after not washing my face and waking up in the morning, the red scars on my chin don't look too bad. But after taking a shower and moisturizing my face the scars look terrible. Why is this? I am using a Neutrogena Original Facial Cleansing bar and Cetaphil moisturizer. I think that I should try switching to a more gentle bar and stop moisturizing my face, because that is what seems to make my scars look horrible. Input would be great, thanks.

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This i always the case. This happens to almost all people. Basically when you wash your face blood rushes to your face and your red marks (damaged tissue) get highlighted more. Its the reason you shouldn't over touch your face or exfoliate too much. You should keep it simply, apply your current regiment that your using to prevent any further acne and just get on with your day. The more you touch and tamper the more you prolong the healing of the marks. They heal but over a course of atleast a year.

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No matter how gentle a moisturizer it can irritate the skin.

No matter how gentle you are when you wash, you are irritating the skin.

Use cool water or just warm, never hot. A final cold water rinse will help calm down redness.

Petrolatum jelly will not increase redness. A very thin film will soothe your skin after washing, without breaking you out.

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