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ok so having acne , in my opinion has turned me into someone who would be described as being too nice, etc

what i mean is , before i say things to people, i would think about how it would affect them and say it in the nicest possible way

i find it hard to sometimes express true feelings about certain things because im scared of what people might say back, if i told them what they dont want to hear.

Dont get me wrong, being nice is good..but when it comes to a stage when your too nice and people take advantage, then i think its time to put a stop to it..

anyone feel this way?

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i feel the exact same way.

acne has turned me into someone who always thinks before i speak, and never wants to hurt anyone else's feelings. im the first to apologize even if i've done know wrong.

it can be a good thing but a bad thing as well sometimes

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A little. Fearful of speaking the truth because you might not be able to take it. It's common. Besides, most can't accept the truth. Could you give an example?

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i rly cant think of an example to give right now, but its basically as if...i feel the need to be so nice to people, because if i am not then they wont like me.....

for people without acne its that...they are just themselves..and are either liked or not liked...but i feel i somewhat have to make an effort to be liked..hence being too nice

it definitly is a good thing to be nice..but its feels sad when people exploit that nice'ness..

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