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Hey all,

Just wondering as the subject says, if any of you have tried Savlon Gel as a topical?

I used to use the cream to put on spots to try and calm them and fade red marks etc but since hearing about the gel i went out and bought some about a month ago and used this instead of the cream. Because it is a gel it dries clear and so i started wearing this under my make up. I put a finger full on both cheeks where i get cystic acne and rub it in until it dries and then i apply my make up. It does not ball or come off when i do this and have found that where i have been wearing the Savlon, i haven't had any more cystic acne. Now touch wood, because it is antibacterial i'm figuring this could be used to fight the acne bacteria and keep skin clear.

Red marks seem to be fading as well. But slowly as always :(

So anyone else got any experiences with this at all?

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Yes thats correct Savlon does contain anti-septics that kill bacteria. Check the ingredients for Cetrimide and Chlorhexidine Gluconate. These are both used to kill spot bacteria. However it is probly more effective spreading it over your entire dace evenly. I have also noticed that Savlon have brough out a new range of proucts that to the same thing with those key ingredients listed above.

Check out savlons website co.uk it is very good.

Thanks JonoB

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