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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share some information. For the past three weeks - four weeks I have been using Alba Advanced skin care line (it is the blueish/greenish bottles). It is about nine dollars for the cleanser and toner, and about 15 dollars for the moisturizer. It is not dirt cheap, but its relatively inexpensive compared to other products. The line consists of "sea minerals" to help heal and enhance ones skin. I was a little skeptical at first, (just because I have used several other products over the years and have been disappointed before!), but noticed that it has helped my skin. I have mild/moderate acne with hyper-pigmentation (red spots/acne spots/ post-acne marks?). I am 19 years old and have been dealing with acne for about 7 years now. My skin is oily/acne prone, and this line has really helped to improve my skin. I have about maybe two "active" blemishes, but they are minor. I am mostly dealing with the stupid post acne marks.

For those, I received a sample from Bath and Body Works. Patricia Wexler has AMAZING products, the only problem is the price (at least for me). A year ago my skin was looking pretty good until I couldn't afford her line anymore. The bath and Body Works employee gave me a sample of her new " Skin brightening and Pore refining serum" and it is FANTASTIC. It actually is made for oily skin, as well as normal skin. It definitely has cut down the size of my pores and makes my skin feel very soft and vibrant. In the stores it normally costs an arm and a leg ( $55), but I found it online for much cheaper. (around twenty dollars). It comes in a silver sleek pump.

I would recommend trying Alba Advance for anyone that is looking for something different to try. It does have a light sea fragrance to it (because of the sea minerals and kelp). If someone has sensitive skin, I would be a little hesitant just because of the smell. I hope this has helped any of you, and if you are interested in the Wexler Serum make sure to ask your nearest bath and body works associate for a sample!


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Update: I have still been using the Alba advanced products, but have actually decided that I did not want to continue purchasing the brightening and pore refining serum from Wexler. Because it is basically sixty dollars, and it is not natural, I decided to switch to a much cheaper alternative: Aloe vera gel from Fruit of the Earth. It has been working fabulously, and is about 55 dollars CHEAPER than the serum :]

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i use the wexler line for acne and I agree. it is amazing. the kit as well as b5 has kept my skin under control. I still get the occasional breakout but nothing compared to how it used to be

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