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Ortho Tri Clyclen vs 'lo'?

My gynecologist prescribed me Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo a few months ago to combat my hormonal acne and help with my monthly depression, but it's not working for either.

Should I ask for Ortho Tri Cyclen, not 'lo'? Is there a difference and do you think switching will do anything? I have no knowledge about what the difference is, so if anyone could help me understand it would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone has experience with either, please share!

Thanks everyone :nod:

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Ortho Lo has lower doses of hormones.

In my personal experience, Lo didn't help clear up my skin as well as regular Ortho did. But, it also wasn't as hard on my body while I adjusted to it. So.

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I have taken ortho tri cyclen for close to 10 years. When the lo version came out my doctor had tons of samples but she told me that there would be a difference- enough for me to feel effects from switching. I think it is no coincedence that Ortho came out with the Lo version right around the time they lost the patent for tri-cyclen and generics came out.

I have stayed on the tri-cyclen and feel that it has helped my acne somewhat. However, it has never cleared me all by itself. Ortho tri cyclen is supposed to help acne- but there are other oc pills that can also.

see: http://dermatology.jwatch.org/cgi/content/full/1997/601/1

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