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Hey, Im new : ) Im 17, and pretty much fed up with having acne. Have had it since about the age of 11/12 with it ranging from really mild to severe.

Tried antibiotics, topical antibiotics, dietary changes (detox diets, cutting dairy/wheat/meat, juice cleanses), the Pill, herbal supplements, natural skincare (eg Dr.Hauschka), regular acne stuff (Clearasil..Clean and Clear..you name it), home remedies (ACV, baking soda, aspirin mask etc) and god knows how many other lotions and potions/skin care regimens all claiming to clear acne. Im easily taken in by advertising as you can tell ; )

I've learnt alot from my various experiments but nothing has ever really totally cleared my skin up. Yes some things have improved matters but there has been no lasting solution that doesn't break the bank (cannot afford to spend hundreds on expensive products) or cause me severe inconvenience (really restrictive diets etc). So...Dans Regimen here we go. I will admit I am highly skeptical, Im at the point where I dont believe anything will work and that Im going to have terrible skin forever.

So my skin at the moment: One large zit on my jawline (hard ones that hurt):/ and one on my cheek that's not visible but feels huge under the skin. The whole of my forehead consists of clogged pores and whiteheads waiting to erupt. Nasty area above my mouth where I broke out quite badly that isn't healed yet. Red marks and old scars pretty much everywhere. I know the regimen wont directly target red marks but am hoping to try the AHA once my skin is used to the BP.

My proposed regimen:



Dan's cleanser+lukewarm water, BP, moisturiser. Makeup will unfortunately have to go on top as Im not confident enough to go without.


Remove make-up with EVOO (this has worked well for me before as a makeup remover but Im monitoring it carefully and will have to find something else if it breaks me out)

Dan's cleanser +lukewarm water, BP, moisturiser

Body: (yep I suffer on my back as well and its quite bad atm, with occasional ANNOYING breakouts on my chest and neck)

Dan's cleanser in the shower and AHA afterwards.


Aloe vera capsules (supposed to help with scarring)

Good multi vitamin

Lots of water

No tea/coffee/dairy/sugar/refined carbs (will have to drag all the willpower out..not prepared to give up wheat and meat/fish again though..have followed a vegan/practically raw diet before and it just wasnt practical and I lost too much weight)

No touching/picking!

Sleep right

Sorry this is so long, will update with progress : )

Much love x

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Just writing some more stuff down to motivate myself...going to officially start my regimen tomorrow.

I really really want to finish this off for good, I know perfect skin isn't realistic but I just want decent skin that Im not embarassed off. I cant even have a normal conversation with someone because I cant look them in the eye because Im so paranoid theyre just staring at my skin. So I have to look down or past them which makes me look so weird and anti-social. I HATE mirrors, especially in public. You know how girls put makeup on in public, well I cant because Im scared everyone will think "God whats she doing her skin is awful". I HATE pictures being taken because my skin always looks bad in them. My friends get annoyed when I point blank refuse to pose for pictures with them. I refuse to get facebook for this very reason, I wouldnt have any pictures of myself to put on there. I hate nights out because I know that after half an hour my makeup will have come off and I'll look crap compared to all my friends with gorgeous glowing skin. Im convinced no guy will like me, because of my acne. I dont want to have to wear layers of makeup all the time.

Yeah, this isnt for anyone.. just somewhere for me to write stuff down.

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Well it has only been 2 days or so, but going okay so far!

First impressions of products/regimen

Love the cleanser, just the right amount of lather and totally non irritating.

BP is surprisingly fuss free to use, it absorbs really well and pretty much disappears. Im only using half a pump at the moment, want to start slow. Have experienced a mild burning sensation and a little itching but nothing unbearable and it doesnt last that long.

Moisturiser is pretty watery and I think I applied too much the first time as my face went quite shiny so applied less after that and it has worked fine.

AHA that im just using for my body atm also absorbs well.

I dont really find the whole thing time consuming, but maybe because Im used to always having to do some kind of regimen.

So...the skin results...

Big zit on my jawline has gone right down, healing up now. Big under the skin one on my cheek has nearly gone. Cheeks are a little red, looks like mild sunburn? But its not severe. Skin generally looks really calm, which I have to say Im surprised at. One or two whiteheads came up this morning but am totally expecting that seeing as my skin is so clogged. Im happy so far!

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Sounds like you're starting off just right! I too thought the moisturizer was runny until I put it on over a full 2 pumps of BP. As you increase your BP, you'll need more moisturizer. Go slow the the BP too. I went super slow, and I've never had the redness or flaking that causes people to quit before the regimen works. Use 1/2 pump for a couple of weeks, at least!

I was wondering why you use EVOO as a makeup remover. I've used 3 different make up types since I started the regimen (thin liquid, thick liquid and powder mineral) and Dan's cleanser did fine taking it off. I have to use eye makeup remover for mascara, of course, but for taking off foundation, I've never needed a separate makeup remover.

I would suggest not using the EVOO, because you'll never know if that's what's keeping you from clearing up, or if the regimen doesn't work until you start with just the very basics (Cleanser, BP & Moisturizer).

Hope things continue to go well for you and that you see improvements! Remember, it takes awhile, but Dan's regimen works! (See my regimen log for my experience. I've seen really great improvement.)

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Hey Halon2 I've actually been reading your blog, your skin looks soo much better, it was one of the ones that encouraged me to start the regimen.

I had just assumed I would need a seperate makeup remover, I thought Dan's cleanser was pretty mild and wouldnt get it off properly but I will try without the EVOO tonight, the less products to use the better! I dont wear alot of makeup, so actually it should be fine.

So my skin...

Well my diet has been crap to be honest, need to kick start my healthy eating but Ive got exams at college and studying in the middle of the night calls for chocolate and toast..

Drinking lots of water though.

My forehead is feeling really smooth in terms of acne, the bumps under the surface are really going down. Had a few small whiteheads pop up here and there but nothing major and I currently have no "Big one" anywhere at all...which is great. Dont know why on earth I havent tried BP properly before, it has been amazing just these last few days in calming down active spots. The clogged pores/scarring issue will be a long job but Im just glad not to have painful spots right now.

The flaking has started though...a little annoying and makeup doesnt look too great on top. So Im going to still take it really easy with the BP and stay with half or possibly less for a few weeks. More moisturiser too I think.

Hope your all good whoever reads this = )

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Thumbs up for Dan's cleanser removing makeup! So no more EVOO needed. I take my eye makeup off first, but the cleanser gets rids of everything else.

Ok so I broke out pretty badly :/ My skin got quite dry and to eliminate this I tried massaging in jojoba oil and removing with a flannel as described by someone else on the site. Jojoba has broken me out before and I got two quite big spots in the same place as before just above my lip and a sore one on my jawline. I also skipped the BP for 1/2 days to give my skin a chance to recover from the dryness. I did have alcohol the other night aswell, which I KNOW aggravates my skin so that won't have helped. So last night back on the BP, half a pump still. This morning, pimples are right down and much less sore. Close call though! I am loving BP apart from the dryness but Im hoping that wont last too long. It just seems to really calm my skin.

Update on the body acne: So, I started with just the AHA but it didn't seem to have much effect (I didnt give it much of a chance though really..) as my body acne is pretty stubborn. So Im now using BP first, then AHA. My chest is pretty bad atm and has little embarassing spots everywhere so have put quite alot of BP on. My back is starting to look clearer, red marks looking less obvious. Less active spots, just one or two stubborn areas. I

have experienced no dryness issues on my body btw which is good = )

What I REALLY need to do is get my diet sorted out but I dont think thats realistic until the next few weeks are over so Im cutting myself a little slack on that front.

Love to everyone xxx

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Quick update....new spots going down = ) Woke up and skin looked much less angry and not alot of dryness either. Im feeling positive that providing Im consistent, this will work.

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Thumbs up for Dan's cleanser removing makeup! So no more EVOO needed. I take my eye makeup off first, but the cleanser gets rids of everything else.

Isn't it great! It gets everything off (except eye makeup, but that's normal) without being harsh or anything!! Even if I stop using BP and the moisturizer, I think I will forever use Dan's cleanser for this very reason. I've never had a cleanser do that before, and I love it!

Anyway, I'm glad you tried it and can drop the EVOO. I know EVOO is good for the skin, but I think when starting something like this, its best to use the very basics.

I've struggled with chest and back acne my whole life too. I don't know how long your hair is, but I've switched to Head & Shoulders shampoo because it has zinc in it, and that has helped with scalp, neck, and back acne. For my chest, I've been using a gentle St. Ives scrub to exfoliate, washing with Dan's cleanser and then spot treating. I'm going to try the AHA when I get it and see how that works. Of course, if your acne is inflamed, you shouldn't exfoliate, but if it's going down or just around, it wouldn't hurt to try, I don't think.

I have seen a small difference in my chest, and I think the AHA will help that along. I'm not sure BP is effective on the chest and back though, because the skin is so much thicker than the face. This is why AHA is recommended for the body over BP.

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Well, am still keeping up with the regimen aside from being healthy which is just not happening for me atm :/

Skin is alot more "under control", like I dont panic if I get a couple of spots because I know the next day, they will have gone down a considerable amount. I have one under the skin zit on my cheek atm.. and a couple normal ones dotted around here and there but they dont look as irritated as before I was on the regimen. It is sort of isolated spots too, as opposed to a whole AREA of them which I used to get. They heal fast too. But Im convinced Im going to continue to break out until I get my shitty diet/lifestyle sorted out. A good diet has previously nearly cleared me up by itself. Dryness is almost under control now, stinging has reduced when I apply BP/moisturizer. Every few days I get a bit of a build up of flakes and dead skin cells but I just rub it off reallyyy gently in the shower with a soft flannel to reveal really smooth skin. I dont think my makeup has ever gone on so well. Its so strange putting foundation on and actually have it look nice lol! I think the regimen is having a good effect on my general skin tone and condition.

To anyone thinking of starting the regimen or who has just started: Keep going through your first few weeks! My skin looked pretty unhappy for a couple days but just adjust your BP/moisturizer amounts, play around a little to work out exactly what you need. It will probably be a while before this totally kills my acne but Im going to stay with it : ) Best thing Ive tried in a while.

Halon2: Yep, cleanser is amazing!! So non irritating. I cant think of anything wrong with it aside from I have to order it from America :/ I have tried Head and Shoulders shampoo before to help a little with body acne but it makes my hair look terrible unfortunately!

Back acne in particular is really annoying me, BP seems to be sort of controlling it but not stamping it out like it does on the face (even with AHA on top). Think your right about the thick skin thing. So I may go to the docs and see if they can prescribe a cream for it. Just want rid of it before summer! Its horrible trying to plan outfits so as not to expose acne on your back :/ So many nice tops out of the question!

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Hey daisy!

Certainly sounds like you're on your way to skin happiness.

I know there are stacks of people that suggest things and your head's like "GARGH!" with so much info - I used to have quite bad acne on my back (and I had short hair for the majority of the time I had it too!) but I've tried to take to wearing singlets at night in bed and washing sheets regularly (ie every week or so) and using sensitive skin laundry soaker to wash everything, and it seems to have calmed things down so much.

I now actually have the longest hair I've had in my life, and I've been super paranoid I'll get the dreaded "back-ac" as a friend of mine calls it - but so far so good. I also use an exfoliating mitt while I've got the conditioner in my hair to buff my back and shoulders.

Hope this helps or gives you something to tuck away to use if anything else doesnt work out!

Cheers - marti xx

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