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~ Dee

Big red gash on my chin

After having only minor acne issues for a long time. I think my body responded to massive amounts of stress with a nice big cyst...

So, today I get to go to work with a big red gash on my chin due to the fact that I simply could not keep my hands off of it. I work with children, & the staff might as well be a bunch of children also. Not exactly very caring to each other.

Think I should tell the kids I got attacked by a vicious chipmunk? I'm so trying to come up with an excuse. :doh:

Well, I'm a woman in my thirties, & am certainly not going to be losing any pay over this. Should be a fun shift. :redface:

I wish I had someone to comfort me. :boohoo:

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I only got one reaction from a child. He asked what happened to my face, told him I got cut. He laughed at me. No biggie. He's only six, & doesn't really understand his ability to be cruel yet.

The adults (fortunately)kept their mouths shut.

Wound is looking much more pink today. Slept with bacitracin polymyxin zinc ointment and a bandaid on it overnight. I think it will heal nicely now. The infection seems to be gone. Had I covered it with makeup, it probably would've kept festering, & become a worse scar than it is likely to turn into.

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