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Can't Take Spiro Anymore :(

I took Spiro for nearly 8 months with the starting dose at 25 mg 2 x day and slowly increased to 100 mg 2 x per day. By month 6 my skin was as clear as it had ever been in my life and I was loving it. By month 7, I experienced mild nasuea which lasted about a week. My cycle was a few days late so I went into freak out mode and called my GP, who thank God got me in that very morning. He ruled out the possibility of me being pregnant! He was shocked that I was taking such a high dose of Spiro and didn't even know it was being used for acne(I wasn't surprised by that after reading posts here though). He ordered some blood work and sent me on my way. Now, I had bloodwork checked over the course of my Spiro treatment for increased potassium several times at my derm and all of them came back normal. A few days later my GP called and informed me I had reduced kidney function. He had run a full renal panel and not just the single potassium test. He took me off the Spiro right away and told me he wanted to check it again in 2 weeks. The second test came back slighly improved and then I had another test 2 weeks later which the Creatinene level was within normal range again. My doc said If I had continued to take it I could have had permanent kidney damage. Luckily we caught it in time and I am fine. I don't want to freak anyone out, but I felt the need to share here. If your derm is only running the potassium test you should be proactive and ask for a full renal panel. Sadly though, I am starting to break out again. :(

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I'm sorry to hear that you have to discontinue your use of spiro after having it work for you. Big bummer!

I had blood work in the fall show something was up with my kidney's as well (GFR about 53). After reviewing older blood work, including PRE-spiro tests, I have had the lower GFR and elevated creatinine levels all along. My GP ordered a 24 hr urine collection, additional blood work and ultrasound. The 24hr urine collection is the most accurate test for your kidneys. Mine came back normal. The ultrasound was also normal. My GP said sometimes an individual's "normal" is not what a lab considers normal, and without other physical symptoms or correlating lab work, she said she didn't feel anything was wrong. She also said it was ok to keep taking spiro. She did advise continued blood work every 6 months. I am going in for testing next week- I will let you know the results.

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