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Digestive problems and acne?

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Do many people who have adult acne on here also suffer from digestive problems?

Ie bloating, gas, pain etc?

Do people think there could be a connection?

I think you can have poor digestion without outward symptoms i think.

If peoples digestive systems aren't working then maybe they aren't aborbing enough nutrients from their food and/or maybe bacteria are fermenting and giving of waste products which then cause the acne?

I think maybe it's not what you eat but how you eat.

Ie the order and combinations of food you eat rather than the food you eat itself?

This could explain why sometimes people think they are eating a "healthy" diet but still get acne?

I know digestive systems get worse as we get older so this could explain why acne gets worse for some people as they get older ? (such as myself)

Maybe we are eating food in the wrong way and eventually are digestive systems can't handle it any more and one of the side effects of this is acne?

Have a look into "food combining" maybe something to it maybe not.

Just food for thought.

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I happen to have Ulcerative Colitis (cronic and incurable inflamatory bowel disease) for two years now, and my acne wasn't affected in any way I noticed. In fact during a recent flare up (of the colitis) I was treating my acne with BP and it was getting better, then when I got my disease under control again, the acne came back but I don't think it is related at all.

But as we all know, everybody is different.

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