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Accutane - questions re dosage, side effects

Hello -- This is my first post here. I just started on Accutane for the second time. (I'm just finishing my 1st month.) The first time was about 7 years ago, when I was in my late 20s.

My skin has never been terrible -- in fact, until my mid-20s I had completely clear skin. When I do break out, however, it's always painful cystic acne. As cystic acne goes, it's not terrible (it's usually just a few spots on the forehead or below the cheekbone), but lately it is persistent and shows signs of getting worse.

Anyway, I have a couple of questions, and I was hoping to get some feedback. First, my doctor just increased my dose to 60 mg/day, and has mentioned the possibility of going up to 80 mg. I weigh about 95 lbs (I am very short). I expressed concern that 60-80 mg per day seemed high for my weight, but my doctor said it was a normal dose for a 95-lb person. Does that seem right? Since my skin is not particularly bad, I was wondering why such a high dose would be necessary. E.g., do doctors typically go to higher doses if it's a patient's second round with Accutane?

Second, a question for people who've been on Accutane more than once. Did you experience more side effects the second time around? I actually don't remember any really unpleasant side effects from my first time, 7 years ago -- just dry eyes, somewhat dry skin, and dry lips. I'm wondering if I should be prepared for worse side effects this time -- e.g., a really bad flare?

I've been keeping a little log of how things have been going so far (so far, no flare-up, but very dry eyes and lips), and will probably post it here once I'm a little further along.

Sorry to be so long-winded. I really appreciate any answers, advice, etc.

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yup, we're on the same page. i am on day 31 of my second course of tane. i finished 3 months of my last one a year ago.

i am definitely experiencing worst initial breakouts/flareups, but i can't be certain it is because of my second time. in fact it would make sense that my body would be more used to it. i am not experiencing anything worse though.

i am a 17 yr old male weighing 160 lbs, and 80 mg is normal for my weight, so you probably shouldnt be up to 80 mg. but im not the derm.

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Guest tofupup

80 mg does seem kinda high for your weight, esp if your acne's not that bad. I weigh 20 lbs more than you and only took 40 mg, both times around.

the first time I took accutane in my mid-late 20s, the only side effects I remember are dry lips and dry skin. the second time I took it, about nine years later, I had 2 extra, particularly crappy side effects:

1) very sore lower back in the last month of treatment and

2) Extremely thin, fragile skin. We're talking tissue-paper thin. Like, I couldn't exercise because the slightest chafing would cause painful blisters on my feet, under my running bra, anywhere that clothing rubbed. I got cuts and scrapes all over the place, too, just from daily activities.

p.s. I never had a flare up or IB either time I took it.

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