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cortizone injection questions.

1.Is a cortizone injection painful?

2.how long after the injection can i expect the lump(cystic ppimple) to shrink down,level with my skin??

3.how painful is removing the fluids and what not within the cyst?will this progress the shrinking of the lump?

4.i was prescribed deoxycycline 100mg. Will this help in shrinking the cyst?

i appreciate all given advice:]


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1/ yes, injections are painful, but less than having a boil on your head/neck for weeks.

usually it takes a few days for the bump to go down, but it does work pretty fast.

antibiotics never worked for me when i had a large cyst

they don't usually drain a cyst, they just inject it and it sort of disappears

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How painful the injections are depends on where the cyst is and what your personal tolerance is. I've had experiences that were completely painfree and others where my eyes were watering because the pain was so intense.

You'll see the cyst start to really flatten out typically within 48 hours so don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results.

Having fluid drained is about as painful as the cortisone being injected, maybe less because you're decreasing the pressure as opposed to increasing it a bit. It's definitely beneficial to have it drained beforehand, this alone will decrease the size of the cyst and its chances of springing up again.

Good luck! :)

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