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For over a year now, I've been keeping my body REALLY healthy. I drink lots of V8 vegetable juices and recently I've been hooked on this carrot juice drink, that's LOADED with Vitamin A. I just have a few questions about intaking vitamins for my skin.

I usually wait til before I go to bed to drink my Vitamin drinks. Should I be drinking them throughout the day or before is a good time? I try my hardest to keep up with my drinks for everyday, but I'm not made of money.

Also, should I be trying to get Vitamin E in me when I intake Vitamin A? I hear Vitamin E is a regulator or something, to help the effects Vitamin A has on your skin.

Also, how important is Vitamin C intake for your skin?

If I can get some answers, that'd be awesome? ;]

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make sure your carrot juice doesnt have a lot of added ingrediants or sugar. the best thing you can do is buy a juicer and just make your own pure carrot juice. tones of vitamin A right there. i would also drink it like right after a meal when your body is absorbing what you just ate. as for vitamin E, its a good anti oxidant and actually works as a topical so you might wanna try that. you might also wanna check out vitamin D3, or go tanning if you want. for a lot of people that have acne and live in colder areas, vitamin d3 is almost an instant cure because a lot of people are deficient.

vitamin C is good for skin complexion and healing red marks/scars. you cant overdose on it, but taking 1000-2000mg a day is fine.

oh yeah and carrots dont actually have vitamin A. from what i read, carrots have beta keratene which your body converts into vitamin A i think.

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Heh, thanks for all the info! Cheers!

*Edit* Oh, and I drink the Carrot Juice from Bolthouse Farms...all natural, no sugar added, 14 grams of sugar in each serving and 700% betacarotene, hah, lots!

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