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Young adult needing some help


I'm a 22 year old male and I have what I suppose is light+ acne. I've had perfect skin until I was about 16/17 years old, then for some reason my acne problem started. I always thought that it was an a bit late onset. I never did anything about my acne except popping my pimples until now because I thought they would go away after puberty. Now I decided I need to get rid of this bad skin because I look sort of out of place, literally nobody I know in my age group has this problem and even though I am a very confident person, and I feel no emarassement at all (well, maybe a little :P) about my acne it vexxes me in the back of my mind.

So I did thorough research (that's me) on the causes and science behind acne, and then about treatments. When this site came up I read and watched the videos and decided to try out this Benzoil Peroxide treatment.

But somehow I really can't see how to follow the regimen exactly, first of all because I don't live in the USA so I don't have access to that many over the counter (as you peeps call it) drugs. In europe it doesn't really work that way, but still I found a BP solution of 5% (only one my country actually approves for farmacies to sell) called Benzac Wash 5. I have a really very friking hard time finding ANYTHING "non-comedogenic", I recently found a washing gel but have not yet found a non-comedogenic moisturizer (which I assume is more important), so I just try to avoid anything with Salicid Acid and too many alcohols and acids. But finding a moisturizer without alcohol is like finding an Irishmen without said thing (:P), maybe someone can explain to me how it is supposed to moisturize using something that dries...

Secondly the BP solution I found doesn't really seem to work like the one in the videos. Yes it is a gel but it doesn't smoothly dissapear into transparency. It forms chalk-like white dusty filmy thing over my skin (hard to explain), I can put the moisturizer over it (like in the vids) but after some time white stuff starts to come off my skin.

Thirdly I read the (?) instruction manual (?) of the BP solution and it clearly states that the contact time of solution and skin should not exceed 5 minutes, it should be applied gently once a day and then washed off. Also that using the product more or longer than specified won't lead to better results. So this goes against the regimen, but I decided to ignore this and haven't had any problems with irritation or redness.

The way I am using BP right now (probably the ineffective way) is to apply a lot before bed, let it dry and then go to sleep. I do this because of the bits that come off my skin that I mentioned before, if I would use BP and then moisturizer in the morning for example, I would walk around all day with white bits on me.

So I'm asking if the way I'm using BP is at all effective, because I have had great results and clear skin in the three weeks after starting the treatment, but now I'm back to my normal acne. If not, how could I be doing it, considering the limitations of the products avaiable to me (maybe a 2.5% solution works good with moisturizer, but I can't get locally).

On a positive note, I tried BP on my chest and back, and there it worked indeed, and is still working for me. No more chest/back acne. Wohoo! :P (In this case I put it on every morning after shower and it stays there till the next day, which in retrospect is probably how it would work for my face too... :shifty: )


- My nutrition is excellent. No chocolate/sweets, no dairy, no saturated or trans fats, many veggies and fruits, lot's of water, etc. (not because of the acne really, I just eat right)

- I'm a college student, and something I noticed more than once is that when I'm away for college, my acne fades away. But when I visit home for the holidays, it flares up. This is a mystery to me... maybe the climate? I study in a dry climate inside the country, but my home is on the coast, very humid. Maybe nutrition, I only really eat well at college since I buy and prepare all my own meals, but my mother cooks at home (but it's typical mediterranean cooking, nothing too unhealthy). Maybe several factors put together...

- I'm a very relaxed and laid back person, so I don't figure stress has anything to do with my acne.

- I love writing, in case you haven't noticed. :P

- My skin type... quite oily on my forehead and nose, but quite dry on my cheeks and chin.

- Lot's of good sleep. Not too little, not too much.

- No regular exercise, yet :P

So that's it for now, I didn't plan on writing this much. Sorry and thanks for the time.

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