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My thoughts today while sitting outside...

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Here in Michigan, today was one of the nicer Spring days. I've found that during winter, my face will break out badly because of such dry conditions. But I also realized that it wasn't just because of the dry weather - it was because winter can be such a depressing season. As I was sitting outside, my palms against the grass beginning to turn green, the SUN shining on my face, listening to the birds chirp, I realized that everything's going to be okay. There's so much I've missed out on in my life because of ACNE, and after lurking these forums for about a year, my acne is NOTHING like many member's (god bless your poor souls) acne.

What I'm trying to say it, and we all know how hard it is, but just do what you want to do. It's your life. Who gives a fuck what others think. I think you'll find if you start thinking deeply about how silly your acne situation is and start focusing on the more important, positive, happier things in life, your face will clear up.

Just a little something I was thinking. I hope the best for everyone. :)

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Thank you for posting this! While I know how easy it is to let acne get you down, and you acknowledge that...life is about the moments you just described. Those in which you can almost feel the beauty in the world.

It's always nice to see somebody share a good moment. I hope the best for you as well. =)

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yeah, who gives a fuck what others think. make yourself happy and do you. no one else is gonna live your life, so live it without the intention to please others that aren't worth your time. & people who care about your skin fall in the not worth your time category.

oh and i truly dislike winter or any cold weather. i get depressed about it, too. lol.

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