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hey guys.. i was wondering if any H&S shampoo would work for the bacne? I was shopping today in the supermarket n managed to get hold of H&S Sensitive Care shampoo... was wondering if its okay for bacne? i just realised that many have used Classic Clean one.. =/ dang!

and which one works better? applying before showering for a few mins, or in the shower? is it okay to use a massage sponge (with the hard exfoliating part) to rub pimples on the back wif the H&S shampoo?

sorry im such a noob to this!

ta! x

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Here's what I have read to do:

~H&S classic (the others have aggravating ingredients and are too comedogenic (espec conditionar)]

~IDk about which works better, but I apply in the shower and leave on for a few minutes while I shave/shampoo/etc.

~DO NOT use a massage sponge on your bacne! It's only going to make it 10x worse!

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Do you clean your chest/back with regular soap & then do the Head & Shoulders thing or just the Head & Shoulders thing?

I want to ask the same thing. My skin is oily and i take shower every night. I first clean with a cream soap, then H&S (citrus one for oily skin), then i wash my body chest and back with a clearasil wash which has salycilic acid.

Every night i use these 3 things in that order. I dont hold them for some time, rinse it straight away.

H&S has zinc in it which is thought to be the reason why it's good for bacne. So it makes sense to leave it for a while.

If i just use H&S i definetally wouldn't feel clean enough.

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So I've had back acne for about 2 years and the only solution I could find was a lot of sun in the summer. About 6 months ago I read that head and shoulders was really good for back acne so I tried it. It didn't work. Two weeks ago I went to walmart and got the head and shoulders that contained ZINC. It seemed to work a little bit better but just wasnt clearing it up good enough. Two nights ago I was exhausted from trying to figure my regimen out so I decided what the hell, I'll just leave a thin layer of the bubbles from head and shoulders on my back and shoulders when I get out of the shower. This WORKED! I have had bacne for two years and this is clearing my back up so well. It went from feeling like a fucking mountain to smooooooth. The red marks are already going away too.

So here it is:

1) head and shoulders with zinc

2) wash your back and shoulders with head and shoulders and leave a thin layer of bubbles on.

3) don't dry your back, just let it air dry.

4) If you want to, I apply a little bit of benzoyl peroxide to my back, but I honestly don't know if the benzoyl helps because it never really has for me.

That's my regimen and so far my back is clearer in two days than it has been from anything else in the past two years. Take my advice and try it. It will dry your skin a little but this is just part of the process. My skin is looking great now : )

Confidence ftw


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