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So stressful!

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Okay, I have blackheads primarily to the lower right side of my face and I seem to get rid of them and they come back. Um there's about 10 of them. But they're just so fustrating. I use clean and clear the blue bottle. I also use to the 5% bp from neutrogena. and my moisturizer is this other from the body shop. I also use Hydroquinone on my face for the fading of scars.

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have you tried glycolic acid? i have atleast 20-30 clogged pores on each of my cheeks an glycolic acid has made them alot smaller. only negative thing is it purges your skin, so you might get a few more pimples than you normally would while you're using it for the first two or so weeks. after that your face texture gets alot smoother.

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differin or retin-a? tried those?

ummm doxcycline of you are keen to try orals.

if you are a chick then you could try primrose oil capsules, they help hormones and helped me a bit, im thinking of going back on em.

but maybe go for differin or retin-a, available from your dr, no good for me but some people have thought they do wonders! good luck

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Your BP isn't going to do anything for blackheads.

Topical retinoids are one way to go, as several people have mentioned. Salicylic acid is also very effective against blackheads.

Paula's Choice makes excellent 2% BHA (salicylic acid) products. I recommend the gel or the liquid.

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