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how to prevent broken capillaries?

I'm struggling with broken capillaries and have been going through IPL treatment to have them removed and I need to find a good regimen that will prevent new capilaries from breaking. Apart from applying sunscreen, protecting your face from extreme temperatures and being gentle with your skin what can you do?

I've found a website that recommends a regimen consisting of creams (day and night) that should prevent capillaries from breaking by strengthening the walls of the veins. See this link:

Broken Capillary creams

Does any of you have any experience with such creams, do they really work?

I've read that massaging your face with your hands should improve blood circulation thereby reducing the pressure on the veins, has anyone tried this?

Any other advice?

Any help would be appreciated!

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It seems that most people that have undergone laser treatment for their broken capillaries complain that they reappear, maybe these people didn't take any measures to try and prevent new broken capillaries from forming (the laser treatment doesn't remove the cause of the broken capillaries) or maybe they did try to prevent them but was unsuccessful in doing so. Anyway I would like to hear from these people.

It's all very discouraging, maybe there's no permanent cure at all!

I would like to hear from anybody who has achieved a permanent improvement in the appearence of broken capillaries and a permanent reduction in the number of broken capillaries on their face, please tell me how you accomplished this?

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