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Hello there... I am new to these boards but at first glance they seem like a god send.. I am very happy to have found this site.. So just briefly I had severe acne in my teens.. Accutane abolished it literally 100 %.. and for about 10 years I forgot all about life with acne.. only for it to come back recently and now I want to zap em before they can get the best of me. I was getting kind of anxious as of late not knowing wat was going wrong and how to go about taking care of my newly deteriorating skin.. but with this site there is more than hope ......

My current condition : light acne.. some red marks/ slight discoloration lightly scattered on my face from old acne.. and some light ice pick scars found only on my cheeks and center forehead, and overall dry face.....

My question : I have read a lot of threads and feel like my knowledge on the subject took about an 800 % leap... I am still kind of at a loss as to how to make a good daily regimen for optimum results to take care of the whole package of my specific face.. There is so much information and so many products that have good reviews my head is spinning. It seems there are so many different routes one can take. My main concern is my redness and old acne scars. I would like a regimen though that tackles all problems including current acne......

Do I go with a lactic or glycolic acid peel or a product with retinol or just lemon juice

Do I go with an aloe or just a plain moisterizing cream

Dermarolling or a product like moma or zenmed for the old scars..........

Every product seems to have a different super strength than the next making it so I want to try them all, I want to go with everything but of course that is not a good idea... Is the best logical way to go about figuring out which products work best for you is to go through trial and error ?? See what works best for me ... In that case I would start with the cheap products and if they dont produce well work my way up to more expensive ?? Could you say that one product clearly works better than any other in the same catergory ( and both with good reviews) , for instance could you say that Glycolic acid definitely works better than mama lotion for clearing up some old redmarks/ hyperpigmentation.... or is that just something you have to research and find out for yourself which works best for you, as one will work different for different people ???

Sorry I complicate matters... I just want my sweet ass skin back... Thank you beforehand for reading and your input !!!

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