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What Lotion while on accutane?

I am not sure if this is in right thread or not so please don't blast me :naughty:

Anyways I have currently been on the "miracle drug" for 4 months now 80mg a day, and I am seriously debating whether to continue with the process or not. Yes my cystic acne is clear, yes all my other acne on my scalp is clear. But I have a chronic dryness problem that will not escape, I use gallons of coco butter and I even Aquaphor my face which helps a lot. But I still get dry patches over my body. Now this might be due just cause of my location. I am stationed in 29 Palms, Ca the worst Marine base in the world, we are out in the middle of no where in the desert. Do you think I have a chronic dryness problem cause Accutane + Location? Or is just my skin too weak to handle the meds.

I have used:

Aveeno - horrible

Jergens - horrible

Palmer's Coco Butter - Decent

Aquaphor - Good

What other lotions did you guys use?

Thanks alot for the input in advance.

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This may sound silly but I swear it helps! In the last bit of your shower (also make sure your showers aren't too hot as hot water is also drying and irritating), gently rub in mineral oil on your body. Then get out and dry off like normal. You can then apply some Aquaphor.

The mineral oil won't clog your pores and it will help prevent water loss. Be sure you're also drinking a gracious plenty of water as it's got to be incredibly hot, sweaty and dusty there. You must not only replace what you lose in the course of a day but you need to maintain while taking Accutane (and that's more difficult).

Eucerin makes good moisturizers; it looks like a potentially good one would be (they also make Aquaphor): http://www.eucerinus.com/products/hb_plusbody.html That has petrolatum jelly AND mineral oil in it and should be able to work for Accutane + desert conditions. I hope.

Lubriderm is also good. They have an intensive line and a skin repair line; either might work just fine for you.

Good luck in that hot, dry desert!

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