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Upon a December

Could avoiding foods be making things worse?

I would just like to see your guys opinions on this article:


Basically it talks about metabolic healing and states that we could be getting allergies or intolerance due to a bad metabolism and that those things would go away if we heal our metabolism. If you read some of the comments you'll see that Matt Stone only believes dairy allergies are the only legit allergy. No I must say that if you do eat gluten it should be properly prepared which is hard to do in today's world so I still avoid that but I still eat non-glutenous grains and such. Should we be focusing more on healing our metabolism (getting to the root cause) than completely avoiding a food forever? :think:

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The human body is so incredibly complicated that people can paint any picture of meaning they want on its workings and its diseases. Scientific reductionist approaches slowly chip away at disease, and when they conquer new ground, previous approaches are often shown to be complete nonsense.

Thus, there used to be an entire alternative medicine approach built around ulcers, just as there is around acne. Eat this food, don't eat that food, you have too much stress in your life -- do some meditation, exercise and lose some weight and that will help, and on and on. But after it was finally irrefutably proved that most peptic ulcers are simply caused by the bacteria H. pylori, all that fumbling around with "healthy lifestyle" was revealed to be just wasted groping in ignorance. Now, all that complicated pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo has been replaced by "take anti-biotics for two weeks to kill the bacteria causing the chronic disease and then go on with your life".

Foods are just chemicals, chemicals are what we (and our bacteria and our disease) are made of, so avoiding foods certainly could make any particular disease worse. However, only understanding the mechanics of the disease will ever transform acne into a story like peptic ulcers, where there's no more endless fumbling in the dark, and you can know exactly what you have to do to reduce or eliminate symptoms.


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